Wednesday 11 July 2012

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Checking out new work at home opportunities is my second favorite hobby after cooking but I do spend a lot of time doing it. Recently I had some time to look for interesting work at home opportunities and I found one to share with you.

I do like to write content and earn money online, so is especially useful for me. I know dozens of people, who make a living online by writing for popular blogs and Internet magazines. They started earning cash online by using sites similar to

How to make money by writing for is a content writing agency, which is always looking for new freelance writers and provide them with an easy work at home opportunity. You have to understand that is a reputed firm, so they require everyone to fill out an application form and provide an example of writer's work.

This "get paid to write" website does not accept all members but those, who are lucky enough to join WiseGeek writer's pool are sure to earn good money online by writing content.

Currently the pay rates vary between 10 and 14 dollars per article and writers can choose between 500 selected topics. I heard a lot of good things about this website and I sent my application form not very long ago. Hopefully I can be accepted and make money online by sharing my recipes and Internet business experience. pays money via PayPal on weekly basis, so if you choose to work with this site, so will be able to earn good money online and get paid fast.


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